Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mayor of Rage

In case you were wondering whatever happened to Late Night with Conan O'Brien star Pierre Bernard after O'Brien left for Los Angeles, well, Birmingham, Alabama has an interesting looking interim mayor:

Pierre's diatribes were some of the best bits Conan's Late Night had to offer, and often times hit a little too close to home for some of us nerds:

Keeping Fest in Festivus

To our anonymous Festivus angel(s) out there, you rock. Thank you for the card and the goodies inside. This makes us regret not checking our business address mailbox more often. Now onto solving the mystery of your identity. All we need is a handwriting expert and a list of people who have actual knowledge of our PO Box address and reside/travel in the general vicinity of the envelope's postmark location...

Oh, and let us take this opportunity to point out one of the best Xmas gifts of the year - the Save A Blade® Razor Sharpener. It really works on all razors. Of course, one could use a straight razor and a leather strap, but who wants to risk accidental suicide? So safety razors it is, but we're all held hostage by the razor companies, who are at liberty to charge whatever they want for decent razors. Finally, the consumers can strike back for years of price gouging.

The Save A Blade® uses "the same technology used in commercial kitchens to sharpen fine cutlery," and the razor companies don't want you to know that. Now we don't expect to have to buy razors for the next decade - maybe even longer if we keep sporting the ZZ Top look. But seriously, you should get yours as soon as possible, as we can't imagine that the razor companies will allow this to go on much longer. If this blog is shut down unexpectedly, we'll know that they're onto us...